Monday, December 5, 2016

De-icing Aircraft Solution

Success Story

As the winter quickly approaches, airports are getting their deicing equipment ready for another season of snow, frost and ice. It is extremely important that aircrafts are completely free of snow and ice build up for many safety reasons. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates each airline's deicing policies and procedures.

PROBLEM: A specialty chemical company signed a contract with the FAA to supply deicing fluid to the nation's airports. Since the product is highly regulated with many compliance issues, the chemical company needed to automate their process and find a reliable, accurate system.

SOLUTION: FLO-CORP provided a solution to fully automate their blending process using advanced level monitoring, flow and controls. There are multiple fluids and gases that are used to make the deicing material. Since we manufacture level transmitters and liquid & gas flow meters we were able to create a high quality, complete system. They are implementing the system throughout the airports nationwide.