Monday, January 16, 2017

Agriculture Tank Monitoring Solution

Success Story

There are over 1 billion people who work in the agriculture industry worldwide generating 2.4 trillion dollars, according to the American Economic Association. As this industry continues to rapidly grow, it is imperative to increase efficiency, standardize cost-saving methods, and utilize low-risk reliable equipment.

PROBLEM: An agriculture and environmental services company was driving over 5 hours a day to customer sites to check the tank level measurement of flowable sludge material. The customer didn't know what their tank levels were and the tanks would empty and fill so fast it was easy for overflows to occur.

SOLUTION: We mounted an ultrasonic level transmitter onto the tank to accurately read the level measurement. We wired the level transmitter to our cellular monitor to take remote readings and transmit them to our web portal. The customer was then able to remotely monitor the tanks from anywhere in the world at any time - a valuable, time-saving system they cannot live without.